Orange nails for autumn and Halloween

Orange is a cheerful and lively radiance. It is the warmest color in the warm color. It is reminiscent of the golden autumn, the fruit is a rich, happy color and Halloween. Then let’s take a look at the following orange of nail art.
In the natural world, orange pomelo, corn, flower fruit, sunlight, lanterns, and the sun are all rich in orange. Because of its bright, gorgeous, healthy, exciting, warm, joyful, brilliant, and easy to touch color, it is a decorative color. Orange Tangerine, Persimmon Orange, Orange , Tropical Orange, Honey Orange, Apricot…
The color of orange as a citrus fruit conveys the concepts of summer, sun, vitamin C and health. It will also be linked to autumn and change, in the fall leaves turn from green to orange and then brown. Depending on your users, you can choose a very bright orange or an orange-brown that is biased towards the fall.

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