24 colorful nails for Christmas style

Christmas is on the way. Let’s decorate our beautiful nails and draw a unique manicure to welcome the holiday season. The color of the Christmas style nail is mainly red and green, and white and gold are also a popular nail color. In addition to the traditional red and green colors, we can also try this year’s popular colors such as Fiesta Red, Jester Red and Eclipse blue.

Fiesta Red, the warm-colored orange-red color at first glance gives a feeling of enthusiasm. The use of this color of nail art will bring a festive atmosphere, which will bring a bright and bright light to the bleak winter. Jester Red is distinguished from the high-profile eye-catching red and rhubarb. This red color is more like a rich red wine. This style of nail art is modern, cold and full of charm. Eclipse blue, a blue with very low saturation, comes with a mysterious and absurd taste, like a quiet night sky. This dark blue manicure brings another sense of depth, leaving you with unlimited imagination.

In addition, our Christmas style nail can also draw special Christmas patterns, such as painting Christmas trees, hats, garlands, Santa Claus, stockings, bells, deer, snowflakes and shining stars. These nail art patterns symbolize good wishes and symbolize the good fortune of the New Year. Let’s decorate our nails and celebrate this wonderful holiday together.

Here is a manicure guide that combines traditional style with a trend inspired Christmas style. Come and try your Christmas nail art.

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