26 attractive fashion green nail design

Are you looking for an attractive fashion green nail design and trying to use it in your daily life? See what we are looking for for your 76 green nail designs to inspire you.

The cat’s eye nail designs is a dark green style, the dark green is a very temperamental color and very popular. This nail designs is more suitable for office lady.

Cat’s eye nail designs is a green style. The main color of this nail design is the dark green cat’s eye part, gold foil and other decorations. It forms a jump color style between the cat’s eye and the smudge, without any extra embellishment, a simple and generous nail style.


In addition, the dark green nail design is perfect for women who do a lot of work. More importantly, in addition to being at home, you can work in the workplace, because in general, the longer the nail, the easier it is to design an attractive fashion green pattern. These lemon green nail decorations are very popular. The optimistic tone of chaotic color exudes adolescent atmosphere, lively and attractive fashion. See the blue collection here.

Check out the stylish collection below and tell us which is your favorite.


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