18 unique style nails for Halloween

Halloween is coming soon. Let’s take a look at the nail art trend for Halloween . Halloween was originally a festival that praised Autumn, so many people like to use gold and orange when they are nail art. Orange is the color of Halloween, and the famous Halloween Jack Pumpkin Lantern is made of orange pumpkin.

Nail color is mainly used in orange, and the nails are decorated with cool colors such as purple, white, black, burgundy, and silver. These manicure colors can set off the atmosphere of Halloween.
In addition to the special color, the manicure has a cute pattern. The shape of the nail can be trimmed into different shapes according to the dressing requirements of the party. For example, long strips, crescent shapes and sharp shapes .

Cute ghosts, pumpkins, spider webs, bats, crosses, tombstones, hoes, etc. are all popular elements of Halloween. These graphic elements can be used not only alone, but also in combination. Each nail is matched with a different pattern, and one hand is a three-dimensional nail art. Nail is not only an art, but also a pleasure to adjust life. Here are some of the Halloween nail art to share with you.

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